The Joy of the Residents of the Kingdom on the Saudi National Day”

Every year on the 23rd of September, we join the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in their special celebration, which differs from the rest of the nations’ national celebrations.

It is the Saudi National Day celebration.

This is the 92nd Saudi National Day for the year 1444/2022, when the kingdom transforms  into a beautiful green carpet to celebrate establishing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud – may God rest his soul – under the slogan of “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”.

This is considered as announcing the birth of the “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, which was in 1351 H  – which corresponds to September 23, 1932.

The approved National Day slogan is “It is our home”

An indication of the prosperity, future, beauty, strength and ambition of this home country.

On this day, which is celebrated by all those living inside and outside the Kingdom to remind generations and the world with the Kingdom’s huge successive achievements, and the efforts made at all levels to achieve sustainable development and Vision 2030, which inspired all the Saudi people and all  nationalities who reside in the Kingdom.


It is true that we were born with intuition to love our homelands, which is one of the values ​​of faith, but when you live and may be born in a country that is not your original homeland, you eat and drink, work and accomplish, deal and work, succeed and fail, laugh and cry, pass with the people of this country their best moments and joy, as well as share their sorrows and crises. Here, a person develops an internal feeling that he is part of this nation grateful to it and owes to defend it, work for it, and work hand in hand with its nationals to advance it at all levels. You get the feeling that you have become one of them. According to the Egyptian proverb, “Dwell among people for 40 days. You will either become one of them or you both become alike”وظائف-هيئة-ميناء-الإسكندرية-برواتب-7500-ج/

Most of the residents of the Kingdom, especially we Egyptians, feel love, joy and pride to participate in the 92nd Saudi National Day. It is not surprising when you find them in every place, street and gatherings, sharing these celebrations with their Saudi brothers.اصنع-اسمك-على-صور-تهنئة-اليوم-الوطني-ا

On this day, joy is visible on all Saudi and non-Saudi faces, old and young, men as well as women, those inside the Kingdom or from other countries. The Kingdom does not hesitate to stand by everyone in all situations and crises, so we find that everyone wants to share this joy in This annual day is based on the premise that sharing means caring.

Let everyone be happy to celebrate the Saudi National Day, as it is a home for all, a citizen and a resident.

My message to citizens and residents:

Preserve this country and work sincerely for it and defend it with the most expensive and cheap, as it deserves more and more work and dedication from all of us.

May God protect the kingdom from haters,envious and stalkers.

May Allah Bless and Protect you

Happy National Day Saudi Arabia.

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